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parting. - Canadian Cosplayers, eh!

About parting.

Previous Entry parting. Sep. 6th, 2010 @ 03:15 pm Next Entry
Oh man, did I ever cry yesterday lol.
We both did, and then had massive headaches after.
I know its cliche, but he really is gorgeous when he cries sd;jkhaldf -SHOT-

Call me soft, whatever.
We've gotten so close this past month and even more so this past week. 
He said something quite surprising to me when we were having a cry-fest on Sunday. 
He apologized for hurting me, saying he'd been too strict and that I always tried to understand his culture and he never tried to accept mine. Our fights were mostly because of this, but I never mentioned. 
He cried so much, more than me even... He tried to hide it, but I heard him in the washroom and then I coudn't help but cry too since I hate to see him so sad...
I know... it sounds so...mushy lol

We've started to seriously plan out our trip to Japan now. I really have to work my face off. I could buy round trip tickets for $900, but I'd need the money by the 14th, and I just don't have that much. It would take a miracle lol.
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