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Canadian Cosplayers, eh!

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Cosplayers wanted to model costumes Jun. 17th, 2013 @ 04:46 pm
Hi all,

I am a Toronto area photographer with experience largely in erotic photography and I am looking to expand my portfolio to include Cosplay and costuming enthusiasts.

I am happy to work with all sizes, shapes, looks, and ages as long as you have a passion for the costumes you create and a certain level of skill in their creation.

Shoots would be on a trade for print basis with the possibility of some print sales as well. Entirely PG with the focus on the costume, props, and settings.

Samples of my previous work can be seen at www.modelmayhem.com/exquisitelyexposed

Drop me a line if interested and we can talk details at exquisitelyexposed@gmail.com


My girlfriend Cosplaying as Illyria. Nov. 2nd, 2011 @ 01:09 am
My girlfriend (astr0babe) made this costume from scratch and entered it into a contest on Facebook. (For those unfamiliar, it's Illyria from the series "Angel". If you'd like to vote for her, all you have to do is click the pic below then press 'like'. I hope you enjoy!!

(X-Posted to the entire galaxy)

You can also click (here) to see the details of how she made her costume! Hope you enjoy!

Oct. 9th, 2011 @ 05:36 pm
Hello all,

If any of you are in the downtown Toronto area next weekend (you may be attending the Cosplay Picnic in High Park on Saturday, or the Next Music From Tokyo Indie Week showcase on Saturday/Sunday)... my friends and I are having a yard sale next Sunday:

japanophile yard sale

"Japanophile" Yard Sale
Sunday, Oct. 16, 2011
Kensington Market (Kensington Ave. just North of Dundas)

We have a lot of accumulated memorabilia (cds - especially jrock, dvds, photobooks, manga, toys, etc.) and also, being cosplay retirees, some extra cosplay supplies (fabric, notions, etc). In the spirit of the true yard sale/garage sale, and being brokea$$ as we are, everything will be sold for reasonable prices.

We will also be selling snacks (because we'll probably get hungry, so we figure you will too) and other miscellaneous non-japanophile stuff (eg. cds/dvds of english artists/bands, some Disney stuff, a big non-PotC Johnny Depp poster, etc).

So please come (& RSVP to the facebook event!), bring your friends, and be generous (or stingy... just take our stuff, please). Or just come by to say hi and listen to some random j-music. And eat some rice krispies.

Thank you! (^.^)Y

ps - We shouldn't be hard to find, but we don't want to advertise a residential address all over the internet. Just look for our signs and listen for the random jmusic.
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[Sale] 28 total wigs for sale (16 new wigs plus 12 reposted with discounts) Sep. 27th, 2011 @ 04:23 pm


( Massive wig clean-out.  28 wigs, mostly new ranging from $8-$35 )

X-posted in many cosplay comms.

DS: Buttload of 24 wigs, mostly new...price ranging from $10-35 Sep. 15th, 2011 @ 01:20 pm
I've mostly stopped cosplaying (only make 1-2 new costumes a year now) and decided I really don't need my entire stash of wigs anymore.  Sadly, this post is still only a fraction of the wigs I own (cause I'm a packrat and haven't convinced myself to part with the rest yet).

( 24 wigs for sale...ranging from $10-$35US )

X-posted like mad.
Current Location: Toronto, Canada
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» (No Subject)

Hi everyone!! I am selling some of my cosplay costumes (will upload more later on) >"<  
please come and have a look =D


Vocaloid - 灰音レン 
Starry Sky - Amaha Tsubasa
Vampire Knight
APH - Italy
Digimon - Yagami Hikari 
Disney - Chip & Dale Halloween Version
and MORE

  Hi guys,

Super last minute notice I know -- sorry! Big wig sale in Downtown Toronto tomorrow at my place! I am clearing out *all* wigs from my old wig commission business.

Perfect if you need a last minute wig for a FanExpo costume! ^_^

Very great quality and brand new. Including the super versatile spikey wig bases I used for my Cloud/Sora/Roxas wigs -- available in several colours :)

Wigs priced from $5 to $25.

Also have a couple Cyperous brand wigs too!

Example of some of my custom work, I only stocked versatile wig bases, so I think there will be something for everyone's projects ^_^

And also, a wide assortment of Dollfie wigs, clothing, shoes Sample of some of the wigs here: http://sakurawigs.com/dollberry/dollfie_wigs.htm
Dollfie wig prices are $15 each, so ignore the pricing on the link

Time: Sunday, August 14th; Starting around 4pm till 6 or 7pm

Place: Downtown Toronto --> King St West/Bathurst area.

Send me an email or comment here, and I will get back to you with the complete address (huiwmw [at] gmail.com)

x-posted on Toronto Cosplay & CanadianCosplay :)
» Cosplay Secrets!
(I didn't see anything regarding community advertisements/affiliates within the community rules, so forgive me if I'm breaking any by posting this.)


Have something you want to get off your chest regarding cosplay? Frustrated at your best friend, you have a crush on that Beatrice cosplayer from that anime con, or you just need to vent anonymously? Then come join ljcos_secrets and let it all out.

Instructions on posting included with every secrets post, and secrets are posted weekly. Don't hold back.
» Please Help Con-G Bring w00tstock to Guelph/KW!
Con-G has a chance to bring w00tstock to the Guelph/Kitchener-Waterloo area, but we need your help to do it!

To help out, simply "Like" our Facebook Page here!

What is w00tstock? Billed as "3 hours of geeks and music", it’s a fun-filled evening hosted by television host/special-effects artist Adam Savage ("MythBusters"), actor/author/blogger Wil Wheaton ("Star Trek: TNG", "Stand By Me") and music-comedy duo Paul & Storm (The Internet, Da Vinci’s Notebook) with additional guests based on location! These guys are awesome.

Songs, readings, comedy, short films, it’s the best parts of the huge US conventions all distilled into 3 hours.

Planning is in the early stages, and nothing is guaranteed, but you can help make a difference! We have been told that we need to show there are enough people who would attend a w00tstock performance held in Guelph/KW before planning can continue. Until now, they have only done performances in the USA, and all on the West Coast. We need to show them that it would be worth their while to come all the way to Canada! If we can show that at least 750-1000 people (the size of a US show) in the area want to attend, they will consider coming to Con-G!

If you would like to attend a w00tstock performance in Guelph/KW, please "Like" our Facebook Page to show your support, and pass the link on to anyone else you know that would attend!
If you do not have a Facebook account, please leave a comment on our blog indicating your support.

To learn more about w00tstock visit w00tstock.net.
To learn more about Con-G visit Con-G.com.

» parting.
Oh man, did I ever cry yesterday lol.
We both did, and then had massive headaches after.
I know its cliche, but he really is gorgeous when he cries sd;jkhaldf -SHOT-

Call me soft, whatever.
We've gotten so close this past month and even more so this past week. 
He said something quite surprising to me when we were having a cry-fest on Sunday. 
He apologized for hurting me, saying he'd been too strict and that I always tried to understand his culture and he never tried to accept mine. Our fights were mostly because of this, but I never mentioned. 
He cried so much, more than me even... He tried to hide it, but I heard him in the washroom and then I coudn't help but cry too since I hate to see him so sad...
I know... it sounds so...mushy lol

We've started to seriously plan out our trip to Japan now. I really have to work my face off. I could buy round trip tickets for $900, but I'd need the money by the 14th, and I just don't have that much. It would take a miracle lol.

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